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Ben Gage grew up in the rust belt of Northeast Ohio, spread out in the countryside along the great Lake Erie. His roots run deep alongside the hard working blue collars that Ohio has to boast. That tenacity, love of family, and respect for a long day can be seen in his music. 

Music has always been a way to tell a story for Ben. The best story sets aside the complexities and focuses on honesty. You will find yourself feeling as though you’ve heard his songs before even if it’s your first time. You have your usual suspects, such as heartache, love gained and love lost. Beyond that you will hear songs sang to the wind, stories about being a hammer, and how time has changed each generation. 

To him music has always been a social endeavor. On stage, Ben often teams up with Matt Dunkelburger (Fiddle) and Brant Novak (Upright Bass). You will also notice Ben has some trouble making up his mind on what instrument to play, so he just does it all at once.


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