To story or not to story? (behind a song)

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

That guitar strap looks comfy

I have heard it from old-schoolers, new-schoolers, (no pre-schoolers), but I digress...

"Just get to the song already, why the story?"

In my opinion, the story is what makes the song a memory. If you want a flow of just song after song, go listen to the radio/spotify/etc. If you want to know why the song was written, what it means to the creator, and find a moment where it could mean something to you, then listen.

When I go about writing a song, I pour some serious thought into it. Almost always it's about something that resonates with me or makes me think a little deeper than I normally do. That's really where the meat of each song is. The words I am singing, and the notes I am playing are more than just words and sounds, they are bookmarks to a thought in my life. That I want to share that with you is a pretty beautiful thing.

That any musician wants to share that is a beautiful thing, we should listen.

Conclusion: Please tell me why you wrote your song. I'll listen and remember. Thank you for making things.

A podcast I love to listen to to hear really in depth stories around well known music is Sodajerker. It's really worth checking out, enjoy.

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