Saying Goodbye - Time with a Friend

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

This post is part of my "Getting Rid of Stuff" series.

How many best friends have you had? Where are they all now? Did the friendship simply dissolve, explode miserably, end suddenly?

It's a powerful thing to think about all of the human connections that we have had over the years, and which ones have endured the test of time.

For me, I have relationships I long for as I think of them wistfully, or regret how they unraveled and became smoke in the wind.

What is it?:

A Fossil watch (I think purchased from Pac Sun).

Where was it?:

In the back of a drawer, with a sad face and a broken clasp.

When was it used last?:

It was worn in high school, possibly a year in college before it was replaced with something new. Left to slowly stop ticking.

What memory does it spark?:

I had a "matching" watch with one of my best friends in high school. Matching in the sense of brand name only. Mine was a blue face, analog, with a metal band. His was a digital face, with a leather band.

I remember giving the watch as a gift when he was moving. There was a group of us at a park near Lake Erie, almost a going away party. I waited until the end of the day to give this to him as I didn't want it to seem like we were boyfriends (that was my mature high school mindset).

We lived close enough to each other that we could ride a bike (if either of our parents would have let us ride on the road). We spent hours and hours playing card games, video games, and drawing. Some of my favorite memories were sharing pictures we had drew (during math class I assume) on the bus ride home. He was much much better than me, so I learned a lot and developed my skills by attempting to emulate his.

His mom made the best grilled cheese. I don't know how one piece of bread could hold so much butter, but it fried up in the pan so deliciously that all concern for health was thrown out the window. Also to note, I was a fatty in high school, so I didn't care anyway. Mmmm, now I want a grilled cheese sandwich.

We both had annoying little siblings at the time, strict parents, school was boring, video games were life, and girls friend-zoned us pretty hard. Looking back we were peas in a pod, and I always looked forward to sharing time.

Over the years we have gone different directions and have been pulled down separate paths. Some of the pulling culprits were education, family, career, and just general life decisions.

Personally I'm shit at staying in touch with people. I envy my friends who always know peoples birthday's, send cards, and plan lunch dates. Pro Tip: Get friends that take you out to lunch! This memory may spark the motivation to follow up, but so many dormant years sleep between the two of us, that it would be a clumsy endeavor. Maybe.

In conclusion, this watch holds many a fun memory and a portal to great times had with a close friend. However it has stopped (literally) bringing value into my life, so it's time has come (I. Am. Hilarious), goodbye and thank you.






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