Quick Thought - Creative Sharing

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Musicians are weird.

Painters are weird.

Writers are weird.

Creatives in general are weird.

We have some much "stuff" in our heads and we just want to get it out there and share it with people. Easy right? ...but remember that weird thing I mentioned?...

It's hard sharing sometimes, most of the times, all of the times! What if people don't like it? What if someone else is better? What do I do if I screw up? What would you do for a Klondike bar?

These stupids scenarios that play in your head are a huge road block for the creative process. I think about them all the time (and they slow me down). The biggest one for me is the trap of comparison. I like being good at things and trying to get better and better, and that process can seem so slow. What makes it seem even more crawling is to be in an environment where other creatives you respect are rocking it. You hold up your picture that you are so proud of after pouring a part of you into it, but off to your side you see someone else picture. They used different colors, better colors. They have straighter lines, better lines. Why can't I be like them?

Setting your picture next to someone else's is a stupid thing to do.

As a fellow creative, know that you aren't alone. I want to see your picture. I want to hear your song. I want to read your words. I'll stop comparing myself to others if you do too, and we can just be happy at all the pretty things people are making in an ugly world.

Have something that holds you back from sharing? Maybe write it down and get it off your chest. Add it to the comments here and see if anyone else has run into the same thoughts or creative block. We tend to operate on islands, but it's incredible how much we all have in common.

- Ben

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