North East Ohio is Exploding with Talent - Gage House Sessions

Ok, so I am going to brag a bit about my friends!

North East Ohio (and the greater area) is kicking ass right now. Everywhere you turn there is another great artist sharing a new song that moves you, spreading art that speaks to you, writing a story that you can't get enough of , photographing magic you could stare at all day, plating food that makes your mouth water, and the list goes on.

I am sure musicians, artists, creators, etc are popping into your head right now, and they are people you know. That's what is so amazing. It's not a list of super-stars or folks you've never met, these are friends and family, neighbors, and it's great!

Since I myself focus on music, I have been trying to find ways to get closer to the music where I live. Every gigging musician knows that it's hard to go see your friends play, you have a show that same night... it's a never-ending cycle. It's easy to fall out of touch and to dump all of your free time into your own craft. While there is something to be said about devotion, we can't forget about community, it's huge, and it benefits everyone. So the idea of Gage House Sessions was born.

In my opinion communities are viewed too often with the ultimate goal of making them massive, we have adopted a quantity over quality mentality in most things that we do. Taking a step back and distilling your community down to the folks that inspire you is a powerful thing, and what I am trying to do.

Filling a room with a bunch of musicians, and taking turns playing in front of each other and a camera is nerve racking to say the least, but it's pretty magical too. The most recent session had my house full of friends and creators that I truly respect and find myself being honestly inspired by. We are all out there working hard to build a brand, book shows, cover costs, do all the bullshit marketing to get people to shows and keep venues happy, it can be overwhelming. My hat is tipped to all of these beautiful people adding to the tapestry that covers our area.

Here are some of the videos that came from our last session. I invite you to take a moment and dig into some of these songs. Pay attention to the craft, how each person is sharing a unique perspective and their voice. We are so fortunate to have the network that we do here. Personally, I can't wait to see where some (or all) of these folks continue to go. It's all about the journey, and it's a bit easier if we make the trip together.

Gage House Sessions from February 2019. You can watch them all here.

Dan and Bethany /aka Thieves of Joy. (Kent/Akron/Cleveland,OH) Find out more here.

Zach Friedhof (Akron, OH) (who has a brand new album!). Find out more here.

Taylor Carano (Akron, OH). Find out more here.

Pat Vaughan (Akron, OH). Find out more here.

Ty Prager (Akron, OH). Find out more here.

Daniel Rylander (Akron, OH). Find out more here.

Adam Reifsnyder (Cleveland, OH). Find out more here.

Tom Albright (Akron, OH). Find out more here.


Gage House Sessions are recording in Akron, OH by Ben Gage (and friends). To find out more visit or email

Gage House Sessions are private, invite only events. If you are interested in attending or performing please email You must be able to come to Akron, OH.

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