Getting Rid of Stuff

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Stuff has crept into my life. It did so without me noticing for a while. Sneaky.

I stumbled upon the practice of minimalism a few months ago and it just makes sense to me, "to me" being key. This collection of words and the ones to follow are to encourage me to grow and learn. Having a sharable way to review, dismiss, and reflect holds me accountable.

For anyone interested, my interest was first peaked at These two cats have a great podcast, documentary, and books, as well as the online content. Perhaps there is something that will speak to you.

However, as I stumble across sentimental items, I am occasionally conflicted. All of the sudden, these items that I have tucked away to collect dust, they are special again. Each one has a story or a memory associated with it.

So I am going to take those stories back.

Each item is going to get a nice picture (to make it feel pretty again, broken or not). Then I am going to share the story that it had been holding on for me. Then I will say goodbye to that item, knowing that the joy it gave me at one time will not be forgotten.

I share the formula for this process as I think it may be of value to someone else.

I am excited to remember stories and dust the dust off both unused items and forgotten memories.





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