"Come Wind" - Song Explanation

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Wind, water, stone... (if I get too crazy Captain Planet is going to start showing up!)

These are the three main elements in my song "Come Wind", inspired by my brain making me feel particularly dumb one day.


I was looking out the window at some leaves swirling on the ground and found myself momentarily jealous that they have nothing to think or worry about besides riding a breeze...

Before we delve into how stupid it is to be jealous of rotting leaves, give the song a listen. I recorded this at Gypsy Grace and the Vintage Goat with Jason Price.


Come Wind, I need to talk to you

Come wind, blow by my door

I know you don't want to hear from me

Listen once and you won't have to anymore

I know you're dancing there with the leaves

I caught you, twisting turning there

And if you could take me far away from here

Let me ride, on open air

Twisting water, come wash over me

Twisting water, I'm dirty from my sin

And I know you don't owe me a thing

With your help I can be clean again

There's a list of things I wouldn't do

And a longer one of evil that I've done

Can you find it in your heart to watch over me

And I'll put to bed each and every one

Old stone, teach me how you do not move

Old stone, share your ancient ways

If I held the secret to stand strong and still

I could sing of the brighter days

When they lay broken pieces at my door

I turn and find a way to hide

And if I knew only how to plant my feet

I could do the things I've never tried

Come Wind, I need to talk to you

Come wind, blow by my door

I know you don't want to hear from me

Listen once and you won't have to anymore

Come Wind, I need to talk to you

Come wind, blow by my door

I know you don't want to hear from me

Listen once and you won't have to anymore


I have a tendency to be hard on myself when I make a mistake. In my head (a dangerous place to spend too much time), I imagine everyone re-playing the mistakes I made and thinking how stupid I am. I don't care about people's opinions of me in some regards, but I don't like feeling stupid. I pride myself in my ability to read books, write letterz, and color in the lines. Basically, I am a genius.

That said, the day this song began to cook, I had just made a mistake at work. No one was hurt, no one was offended, but I hated how dumb I felt for making a mistake. I took a moment to veg out and ended up looking outside, longing to escape. That is when I saw those leaves I mentioned above.

Leaves never get called dumb. Leaves are rebels who ran from the system, left their roots behind them, and went off to disintegrate on their own terms. I had never wanted to be a leaf so bad in my life.

I began to think about having a conversation with the Wind. If the she could take the leaves from place to place, what promises would I have to make her to do the same for me? Then... "hey, that could be a song".

So I thought about what forces of nature would be appropriate in that instance. Wind could take me somewhere else, Water could wash me clean and help forget the things that make me dirty, and Stone could show me how to not give a shit. (Stone's words, not mine).

After that everything came really fast. This was one of those songs that basically I just wrote down as the words came into my head. Once I had the general skeleton of an idea, I just fleshed the rest in.

Favorite Line:

I do want to draw attention to my favorite line(s).

"I know you don't want to hear from me

Listen once and you won't have to anymore"

Simple, but a beautiful idea. Again in my mind, the wind has never talked to me. Maybe a whisper through the trees or the occasional howl in a storm, but nothing directed at me. That being the case, why would she listen to me know out of the blue.

I have relationships like that with people, and I am sure people have that with me. There are folks that don't want to hear from me, of that I am sure... but to tell someone that if they listen just once, they would hear from you again... what would they feel? Relieved? Sad? Angry? All of that thinking didn't make it into the song, but it was something I had kicked around the few days following this song. I find a simple sort of joy hidden in the basic lines of a song.

I imagine I could employ a Thesauras in my writing, but I like to wrack my brain and only use verbiage that I typically would. So when I get a deep thought on paper using shallow letters, there is a simple glee there.


In closing, this song hopefully is simple enough to mold itself to you specific interpretation. If a certain line sticks out to you or makes you feel "a way", I would love to hear about it. That's the power inside a song. To enforce, plant, or question a thought or feeling in the listener.

If you want to hear a full recording of this you can find it at the following spots. Also you'll notice the lovely tones of Gretchen Pluess laying down some harmonies.

- Bandcamp: https://bengagemusic.bandcamp.com/releases

- Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2a2DeQ6tFGhytOdE37Gdcd

Thank you again for "tuning in" and reading some of the thoughts behind the song. This one doesn't have a ton of depth on my personal side, but I hope it does for you. Enjoy!

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