Behind The Sessions - Taylor Carano

Taylor Carano is a killer blues guitarist and songwriter from Northeast Ohio. He has a rawness to his lyrics and in his voice that commands attention. He sat down with us and answered some questions and reflected on his performance during the second Gage House Sessions.

Behind the Sessions

Where do you call home? The Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Do you like the studio or the stage? Why? I like the studio much more than the stage. That's not to say I don't enjoy playing live, I really do, it just that I like the studio much more. I think its because when you're in the studio it is much more calm and focused toward making the music as close to your vision as possible. Whereas when you're playing live you're always "on" and trying to be entertaining.

What local musician would you like to collaborate with next? I would absolutely love to to collab with the Acid Cats in whatever way possible, those guys kick ass

If you could open for any artist who would it be? I think it would be cool to open for Tom Waits or Queens of the Stone Age. Tom Waits because I really dig his sound and his style of songwriting. QOTSA because they are one of my favorite modern rock bands.

How do you feel that the internet/social media effects what you do as a musician? Its really a love/hate relationship. The positives are that it makes connecting with fans, promoting music, and networking with other musicians a lot easier and more convenient. The negatives are that I feel the need to be constantly connected and posting all the time otherwise people will lose interest. Its true in a small sense, but on a much bigger scale if someone is a fan and truly enjoys your music they'll seek it out, they'll find you.

Best breakfast in the area?

"Michael's A.M." down in the valley at the corner of Portage Trail and Akron-Peninsula road no question. Garden Vegetarian Skillet, hold the mushrooms, add bacon, w/ wheat toast. You're welcome.

About the Song

What’s the title of this song? "I'm Drunk, Again" What was the inspiration behind this song? It is loosely based on a true story about a time when I fell asleep at the wheel and veered off the road into a telephone pole, basically mangling up the passenger side of the vehicle and pretty much totaling it. Somehow I walked away unharmed, without a scratch on me, and truth be told I had no idea I had even hit a pole until the next morning when I saw the side of my car in the daylight. It was a big wake up call for me and I frequently look back on that incident as inspiration to stay motivated and focused. I still feel pretty lucky to this day. Where were you when you wrote it? I was at home in my practice room. Nothing too special about that, but it did feel like one of those songs that writes itself. I was just kind of "there" as an observer more than the writer or it at least, that's how it felt while I was writing it. Music or lyrics first? In this case it was the music that came first. I had been listening to "Tennessee Stud" by Johnny Cash a lot around that time and it absolutely influenced the music of this song. Very straightforward, but still has an interesting story to keep you entertained. Its all about the stories man Do you have a favorite lyric/line in this song? Not really, I'm more proud of the song as a whole and how it tells a story of something that can be uncomfortable or taboo to talk about.

Around the Corner

What’s an upcoming show you’d like to promote? Saturday, February 1st @ the 5 O'Clock Lounge w/ The Buffalo Ryders in Lakewood,OH. 10p  What’s an upcoming project you’d like to promote? Well, the band that I play in "The Brown Liquor Band" has been working on some new material and we'd like to record and release an album within the next year so hopefully we can make that happen.  What message do you want to share with your fans? 100 times thank you for listening and supporting the music that I make with my friends. Its really comforting to know that somewhere I'm on somebody's road trip playlist, or chill evening at home, or workout routine. I started making music as a therapy and it blossomed into this great endeavor and passion and I'm glad I'm able to share it with people. 

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