Behind The Sessions - Adam Reifsnyder

Adam Reifsnyder performed at the second Gage House Sessions and everyone fell in love. Adam's ability to craft honest lyrics leave the listener reflecting on the story and how it relates to their experiences. This personal aspect to his music is driven home by his silky smooth voice, and comfortable delivery.

We had the chance to pick Adam's brain about being a musician, songwriting, and some upcoming projects.

Behind the Sessions

Where do you call home? Cleveland, near west side

What do you enjoy the most about being a musician? Right now I'm just enjoying creating. There are no rules, I'm writing whatever songs I want about whatever I want, and I am constantly pushing myself to try new things with each song and each recording. It's all just a big learning experience, and I love the continuous exploration of it. I also love bringing my favorite local artists and performers in to play on videos, record in my studio, and co-write. I was trapped in a "band" box for many years, so it's become much more playful for me in the last year. 

What are some struggles? I think rejection is difficult for any creative person putting their artwork out into the world, and I definitely take that to heart sometimes. It's hard to completely put it out of your mind. I also think just getting heard is difficult with so much content on social media and people's attention spans these days. I can spend 100 hours on a single song and only have a handful of people listen to it, and that can feel disheartening. You have to have a lot of belief and faith in what you're doing to pursue anything creative. Some days that's easy and some days that's really challenging. 

What local musician would you like to collaborate with next? I want a Ben Gage collaboration for sure. Like co-written from the ground up collab. I also really dig the EP that Summer School just put out, and would love to collaborate with him as well. 

Do you like the studio or the stage? Why? I've been performing for about 15 years now, but right now I'm really feeling the studio. I started building a home studio in the last couple years, and having that has allowed me to experiment sonically, write and compose songs in different ways, work with musicians who aren't local to NEO, and fill out arrangements in more depth. I have always enjoyed the studio, but having my own changed the game for me.  

Best breakfast in the area? I'm a big fan of West Side Market Cafe and Townhall for breakfast or brunch. 

About the Song

What’s the title of this song? Sunday Morning

What was the inspiration behind this song? There's no hidden message in this one, it's just a song about waking up and spending the morning with someone you love. It's a love song to simple companionship. 

Where were you when you wrote it? Shocker: It was a Sunday, after a leisurely and relaxing morning with coffee in bed with my partner Lauren, our cat, and sun pouring into our bedroom. It's the kind of morning that fills up your soul and makes you feel like everything is just how it should be. 

Music or lyrics first? I had 3 jazzy chords and a basic melody in my head. The music came first, but the lyrics flowed out quickly right behind it. 

Do you have a favorite lyric/line in this song? "I ain't movin', because I found someone who moves me". I enjoy the light wordplay of it. There's nothing challenging about this song, but that perfectly reflects the mood I wanted to capture.   Around the Corner

What's an upcoming show you'd like to promote? Stay Tuned!

What's an upcoming project you'd like to promote? My partner Lauren and I just formed a duo called The Fairdowells, and were featured on 90.3 WCPN (you can find the recording here).  We're in the process of writing and recording an EP for release some time in 2020, and I'm really excited about the music we're writing. I've never had a life partner who I was able to collaborate with musically before, and it's proving to be a special experience. 

What message do you want to share with your fans? That I'm working as fast as I can, ha! I have about 15 unrecorded songs right now so I will forever be playing catch up. But if you're enjoying what I'm doing, there's more on the way. 

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